Every minute electronics get smaller, US population grows by 4 people, and increasingly more content is added to Google's index of over 2 billion web pages. In an ever growing electronic world, paper systems require more and more time and make less and less sense. TriAxial Data Systems provides services that enable your organization to easily adopt and integrate new systems while maintaining all documents and information that your organization has accumulated before the advent of the web forced a new standard of efficiency upon the world.

We can scan your small, irregular sized documents such as checks and invoices, your standard letter sized documents both front and back, and your oversized documents such as blue prints, parcel maps, and plans, grayscale or color and up to 40 inches wide. But we don't stop there. Electronic documents are not very useful unless you can quickly locate and utilize them. We will work with you to determine all of the pertinent information to store with the images and design a custom, searchable database that will allow you to quickly locate, identify, retrieve, and reproduce your documents with a minimal amount of effort. We can provide key field indexing, full text indexing, and even spatial indexing using our GIS technologies. We can provide you with images of your documents in virtually any file format and reproduce your documents in virtually any size. We can even provide data warehousing services for those who do not have the infrastructure to support the storage requirements of an image library and who need instant access to their entire repository from one or more locations.

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